Specialty Silicones for Agricultural Applications

Momentive manufactures and offers globally a broad product line of specialty silicones to be considered for Agricultural applications. These specialty silicones are marketed under the Silwet, AgroSpred and SAG* brand names. Silwet and AgroSpred are used as spray adjuvants to enhance the application of pesticide products. The SAG* antifoams are used to control undesired foaming in many Ag applications. Today these silicone products are widely recognized and used in both tank-mix and in-can applications in over 70 countries around the globe.


  • Spray Adjuvant for Crop Protection
  • Adjuvant for Non-Crop Products
  • Antifoams for Ag products


  • Spreader, penetrant, deposition adjuvant
  • Lower spray volumes and application costs
  • Enhance pesticide efficacy
  • Rapid de-foaming at low use levels