Silwet* Superspreaders

For more than 25 years, Momentive has been helping farmers all over the world achieve greater productivity through the use of its Silwet superspreading spray adjuvants. Developed to enhance the wetting and spreading properties of most crop protection formulations, Silwet products are today used in all major crop-producing countries as well as in many emerging farming economies.

Standard Antifoams
Silwet* L-77 AG Tank-Mix
Silwet* 408 Tank-Mix
Silwet* 806 Tank-Mix
Silwet* ECO Tank-Mix
pH-stable Spreaders
Silwet* HS-312 In-Can
Wetting Agents
Silwet* 618 Tank-Mix
Silwet* 719 Tank-Mix
pH-stable Penetrants
Silwet* HS-429 In-Can
Silwet* HS-604 In-Can
Silwet* 625 Tank-Mix
Silwet* 641 Tank-Mix

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