Being first in the Ag market through its Silwet spray adjuvants, Momentive silicones have been successfully used for years to provide excellent superspreading, penetration, rainfastness and pesticide uptake on many crops. These key properties as well as the SAG* defoaming products make Momentive silicone adjuvants excellent candidates to consider for use in both tank-mix and in-can pesticide applications offering:

  • Superior spreading for lower spray volumes and application costs
  • Enhanced agrochemical efficacy
  • Rapid uptake of pesticides and better rainfastness
  • Rapid defoaming and excellent durability to re-foam
Super-spreaders Maximize spreading for cost-effective pesticide delivery
Wetting Agents Enhanced wetting and deposition on foliar surfaces
Multifunctionals Spreading, penetration, adhesion and other properties
In-can Adjuvants pH-stable adjuvants for in-can formulations
Antifoams Rapid de-foaming and durability to re-foam